Saturday, August 8, 2009

For THE FLIRT in the Family !!!

((Smiling, I really enjoy these))

This package includes three (3) computer slang necklaces. They are crocheted with initials meaning some kind of computer slang. In this case, 'The Flirt' would be perfect for someone in your family or a friend who might be a bit on the flirty side.

THE FLIRT package includes:* HWB - Hottie with Body - Crocheted with yellow yarn* TDG - Too Darn (or the other word) Good - Crocheted with blue yarn* XX - Hugs and Kisses - Crocheted with green yarn.

You can wear them as chokers or necklaces. Simply tie them in the back of your neck into a bow so you can easily remove them for wearing another day. The necklaces are 34 inches long and will fit most teens/adults. Even kids love these!

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