Thursday, September 26, 2013

Decorate with Buntings (Banners)

Crochet Your Own Fall Bunting/Banner!
Use them Inside or Outside

One day last week, I had a few hours and decided to make my own Fall banner.  And, my tool of choice is always crocheting.  I don't have a pattern, per se, but here's what I did:
Flag Triangles:

They are all single stitches.
Crochet 20 single stitches - adjust to the size you want.
In the next 8 rows, single stitch but decrease each row by 1.
Make as many as you'd like - I made 10.

Crochet as many single stitches as you'd like - this will be the length of your bunting.
I single crocheted the row again so it would be thicker.
Attach (needle & thread or crochet it on) the flags to the bunting line.

That's it!

I hung mine outside since the bunting is washable.  They would be cute for Christmas too.  Maybe even make some small flags for the bunting and hang them on your tree.


sweetybird09 said...

Those are so cute, I bet I could do that with knitting!

Thanks for the post!

Gillian said...

Really Lovely!
your pattern is great, thank you for sharing it :)

love the way you have decorated you house for fall!

Clara said...

Ha! Ha! How creative you are.

Heather said...

Those are so cute thanks for sharing! Come link up to my party

Sarah C. said...

You crack me up - just had a few hours and crocheted this banner? Too cute! Love all your creative ideas. :) Thanks for sharing on {Made by Me} Wednesday!

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