Sunday, June 5, 2016

Crochet Patriotic Potpourri Sachet / Gift Bags / Pouch / Milk Jugs- Set of 3 - Red, White & Blue

Crochet Milk Jugs
(Potpourri Sachet, Gift Bags, Pouches, Milk Jugs) 
Annabelle's "Crochet Milk Jugs"

I made these for the upcoming 4th of July - just as home decorations.  Maybe I'll separate the set and give them as gift bags later in the year.  I could fill them with gumballs, jelly beans, potpourri, soaps, etc.   I might even attach a handle and give it to a little girl as an adorable little purse.

If you don't have time to make them for the 4th, maybe make a set for the fall with shades of brown or over the holidays with red and green.  Whatever the color, whatever the theme, they'll be cute.

These are simple to make - I followed my basket pattern but made the base only about 2-3 inches.  Then I grabbed the back loop only and went around once.  Did not increase and grabbed both loops and kept going until I reached my desired height.  I'll make up a pattern and post it here at a later date.


Julia Toussaint said...

very neat! perfect for the summer!

Christine Welsh said...

Great Job! How about linking up to our Brag Bag Tuesday Linking party at ChrissW designs? Christine
ChrisW Designs

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