Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sweet Little Pink Crochet Basket - Handmade

I made this sweet basket today for my daughter's little girl.  She's a nanny and the little girl will be three soon.

If you'd like to make it, follow this pattern:   Annabelle Basket Pattern

Monday, April 22, 2013

7 Easy Steps to Make a Crochet Washcloth - Free Crochet Pattern: Not Your Grandma's Crochet Dish Cloths

Crochet Pattern
Not Your Your Grandma's
Crochet Dish Cloth


That's right!  These are Not Your Grandma's Dish Cloths!  They are full of color and style!

(Last updated 7-10-13)

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  1. Leave a 3 inch tail
  2. 27 single stitches
  3. * Double crochet in 2nd stitch from hook (Total of 26 double stitches -- it's okay if it's 25, 26, or 27)
  4. Chain 2
  5. Turn *
  6. Continue from *
  7. Make as many rows as you'd like, but just make sure that your dish cloth is square. It should be the same size all the way around. The size usually comes out to 5x5, 6x6, ...
I used Sugar and Cream yarn for this tutorial. And an "H" or "I" crochet hook is fine. It's inexpensive and you can usually get about 2 wash/dish cloths from one roll.

NOTE:  This is my own pattern.  You may post it on your blog, etc.  Please credit the original designer (me).

Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to Crochet a Child's Poncho - 8 Quick and Easy Steps

8 Quick and Easy Steps to Make a Child's Poncho
Crochet Pattern

It's finally here! S[romg!   I've been wanting to crochet my little girl a poncho for the longest time.  So last week was the week.  This is my own design and I posted it on http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Crochet-a-Childs-Poncho-8-Quick-and-Easy/ because I've been trying to keep my own designs in one place. 

It took 3 balls of chunky yarn (see "Materials" in the doc) and about 6 hours.  If you're a faster crocheter than I am, you'll probably finish it up much quicker.
At any rate, I made a darling poncho for $12.00.  Maybe it should be called "The Recession Poncho!"

** NOTE:  Please come back and post a link to your poncho after making it!  I'd love to see other ones completed with different yarn **

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