Sunday, June 5, 2016

Crochet Patriotic Potpourri Sachet / Gift Bags / Pouch / Milk Jugs- Set of 3 - Red, White & Blue

Crochet Milk Jugs
(Potpourri Sachet, Gift Bags, Pouches, Milk Jugs) 
Annabelle's "Crochet Milk Jugs"

I made these for the upcoming 4th of July - just as home decorations.  Maybe I'll separate the set and give them as gift bags later in the year.  I could fill them with gumballs, jelly beans, potpourri, soaps, etc.   I might even attach a handle and give it to a little girl as an adorable little purse.

If you don't have time to make them for the 4th, maybe make a set for the fall with shades of brown or over the holidays with red and green.  Whatever the color, whatever the theme, they'll be cute.

These are simple to make - I followed my basket pattern but made the base only about 2-3 inches.  Then I grabbed the back loop only and went around once.  Did not increase and grabbed both loops and kept going until I reached my desired height.  I'll make up a pattern and post it here at a later date.

Make Your Own Red White & Blue Cup Cozy

Super Easy Beginner Crochet Project for Any Time of the Year!
Make these for all of your guests!  Like my Red White & Blue Bangles, this cup cozy is super easy. 
  • 100% cotton yarn (use your leftover yarn from another project)
  • Crochet hook - J
  • Buttons, iron on patches, ribbon (any embellishment)

  1. Chain 15. 
  2. Single crochet into 2nd stitch from hook. 
  3. Single crochet until end of chain. 
  4. *Chain 1 and turn. 
  5. Single crochet each stitch above, but only crochet the back stitch This will produce the ribbing effect.  
  6. Repeat from * until it measures 8 inches. 
  7. Fold the cozy in half with the last row and the first row together and slip stitch closed to form the cozy.

You are crocheting sideways - as if you were to turn the cozy on it's side.  (I hope this makes sense.)  This tan organic cotton cozy only crocheted 11 stitches instead of 15, making it better for smaller glasses/cups.

((Shhh ... I'm sending this red, white and blue cozy to one of my best customers - I think she'll like it.))

I always have a few drink cozies in my ETSY shop if you'd rather I make them for you.
If you have 2 minutes, please vote for my beverage cozy on CraftJuice.

Email me here if you'd like me to make them for you - any color, any theme.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

"Post 1, Pin 1 GROUP BOARD: Handmade Crafts & Arts & Supplies For Sale or Show"

Using Pinterest to Grow Your ETSY Business
Pinterest's Newest Craft Group Board:

Let me help you promote your handmade items!

7/18/16:  Very simple rules:

  • You may post/pin up to 4 items at once, then let someone else pin before you pin again. 
  • You must repin the same number of items you post/pin.
  • Please don't repin back to this board - it should be another group board.
Board:  Post 1, Pin 1

The goal of this board is to gain exposure for handmade items and supplies for sale. You can post your ETSY items.

To be invited to this board, first you must 'follow' the board, then email or convo me through Pinterest or ETSY.