Thursday, September 26, 2013

Decorate with Buntings (Banners)

Crochet Your Own Fall Bunting/Banner!
Use them Inside or Outside

One day last week, I had a few hours and decided to make my own Fall banner.  And, my tool of choice is always crocheting.  I don't have a pattern, per se, but here's what I did:
Flag Triangles:

They are all single stitches.
Crochet 20 single stitches - adjust to the size you want.
In the next 8 rows, single stitch but decrease each row by 1.
Make as many as you'd like - I made 10.

Crochet as many single stitches as you'd like - this will be the length of your bunting.
I single crocheted the row again so it would be thicker.
Attach (needle & thread or crochet it on) the flags to the bunting line.

That's it!

I hung mine outside since the bunting is washable.  They would be cute for Christmas too.  Maybe even make some small flags for the bunting and hang them on your tree.